Install or Fix Flooring

Refinishing floors can be a highly rewarding project, bringing warmth into your home and making it more welcoming. If refinishing your floors isn’t an option, installing new flooring may be an option for you. Today’s topic is installing or refinishing floors.

Installing New Floors

If you want to give your home the added warmth of hardwood floors, be sure you do the proper research. Consult with experts such as A to Z RentAll to ensure you have a good plan, and acquire the proper tools to transform your home into a cozy retreat.

Tools and Equipment for This Project

Before jumping into DIY hardwood installation, decide which tools you will use in your DIY flooring project. A few of the most common ones include:

Refinishing Old Floors

Whether you want to re-stain your hardwood floors a different color, or your hardwood floors are scratched up and lifeless, refinishing your floors can make old or outdated floors look brand new.

Tools and Equipment for This Project

Before refinishing your floors, you will need to decide on the best-suited equipment for your particular project. Below, are a few of the most common tools used to refinish floors:

  • Drum sander: removes a lot of material very quickly; a very aggressive sanding tool, but can be difficult to work due to its high power.
  • Random orbital sander: takes longer to remove old finishes than the drum sander, but you don’t need a lot of experience to operate.
  • Floor edger: sands the perimeter of the floor, collecting dust as it goes.