Care for the Lawn

Basic lawn care like mowing, fertilizing, and watering on a regular basis is important to maintain a healthy lawn. In addition to these basic lawn practices, other projects like aerating, dethatching, and overseeding your lawn each year will ensure a thriving yard. Today’s featured topic is lawn aeration.

Aerating Your Lawn

Your lawn most likely needs aerating if there is soil compaction due to heavy traffic throughout your yard or if you have large amount of thatch from a lawn originally established by sod.

Aerating your lawn each year will ensure that nutrients, air, and water reach deep beneath your grass into its root structure to allow for a deeper and stronger root, resulting in a more luscious lawn. Before aerating, choose the rental tools you will need.

Tools and Equipment for This Project
  • Plug aerator: removes a small plug or core of soil and grass from the lawn. Aerator machines make aerating your yard easy and effective. Standard aerators, towable aerators, or ride-on aerators, remove soil plugs 3 inches to 6 inches deep, and .5 to .75 inches in diameter.
  • Overseeder/Slit Seeder : cuts through thatch in a straight line, dropping seed into the dirt; provides maximum seed-to-soil contact.
  • Broadcast Spreader: spreads fertilizer quickly and evenly, providing uniform coverage for large lawns.
  • Lawn Mower or Rake: breaks up the lawn plugs after aerating your lawn to expedite the breakdown process.